Lancashire IT Recruitment With A Difference

Deep Market Knowledge

What’s the Advantage:

  • We are well connected in the North West community with both active and passive IT candidates.
  • We understand how to assess and ensure candidates are a good fit for our client requirements.
  • We can provide skills/market intelligence and salary rates advice

Here’s our Evidence:

  • With an 80% CV to interview ratio, this demonstrates our matching ability.
  • 90% of our candidates registered are North West based.
  • We have over 6,000 LinkedIn connections in the North West.

These are our Credentials & Standards:

  • We have over 20 years IT Recruitment experience and over 10 years IT commercial career experience.
  • We meet all our clients in person in their offices.
  • We capture the market intelligence in the IT North West.
  • We have a constant programme of engaging with high calibre passive candidates
  • We are accredited to the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and work to those standards

Effective Project Management

What’s the Advantage:

  • We prepare our candidates thoroughly for interviews and the whole recruitment process
  • We give all parties informative feedback at all stages
  • We focus on good communication to both parties throughout the recruitment process and provide advice when required

Here’s our Evidence:

  • 80% of offers accepted
  • 5% of our Candidates drop out
  • 80% of Job offers are accepted
  • 75% of our vacancies are filled
  • 88% repeat client ratio

How we provide high standards

  • We follow a detailed qualification process
  • We reference check our candidates
  • We can provide a high level candidate on-boarding process
  • We guarantee feedback within 24 hours
  • We can provide interview hosting
  • We can provide psychometrics

Focus on Lancashire & North West (SME’s)

What’s the Advantage:

  • We understand the geographical territory
  • We understand the culture of SME’s
  • We’re good at explaining IT to none technical people and also understand “techy speak” and all those acronyms!
  • Our candidates are in the region and able to get to you quickly and efficiently
  • We will meet you personally in your offices
  • We can provide a more personal service
  • Provide you with market intelligence

Here’s our Evidence

  • 90% of our candidates are located in the North West
  • 70% of our clients contacted us because of our location in Lancashire and believe we have a strong candidate reach within the region
  • We visit every client
  • Candidates come to us for North West vacancies; due to our location and reputation see our testimonials

How do we build our connections in the North West

  • We get a lot of referrals due to our high level of service and success see our testimonials
  • We network in the business community
  • We have over 10k LinkedIn connections
  • We’ve been building a strong marketing message in the North West

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