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How to attract top talent while you grow an IT company

Contents| Grow an IT company Introduction Context:  -The foundations -Solving problems for clients -Hiring the right team -Your ‘why’ Building an effective team:  -Skills -Collaboration vs competition -Study: Collaboration at Google -Hierarchy -Attitude -How to set yourself apart -EVP A practical guide and to-do list:  -Identifying your culture and values -Identifying missing skills -Delivering for […]

A practical guide to successfully growing an IT company in Lancashire

The rapid expansion of the UK tech industry means that growing an IT company in Lancashire is easier than ever before. The North West has benefitted from usually London-based firms moving there for more affordable business and living costs. The talent is following, but for the time being the market is very much candidate-driven, so […]

How IT businesses in Lancashire can build an effective team

The number and calibre of IT businesses in Lancashire are increasing, making it more challenging for each to build an effective team with the available talent. If you’re going to access top talent, you need to stand out from your competitors as a desirable company to work for. Consider the following points of this article […]

The foundations of growing an IT business in Lancashire

When you are growing an IT business in Lancashire, there are a few things you need to take into account. Luckily for you, the tech sector in the North West is rapidly growing. Unfortunately for IT businesses, the market is currently candidate-driven, meaning it can be difficult to find the right talent. This article will […]

How to attract top sales talent to your IT business.

Every IT business wants to attract top IT sales talent. After all, the businesses success is linked directly to the performance of the sales team. However, if every IT business wants the best possible talent, there is bound to be a high level of competition. To establish yourself as a competitive employer, your company has […]

3 top tips for finding the right IT sales hire

The level of many businesses’ success rests on the shoulders of the IT sales hire. They are responsible for creating conversions, and without them, profits would plummet. It is, therefore, crucial that you can identify the qualities that make quality sales hires. If you’re able to do this, the individual that you hire will be […]

Why the demand for IT professionals has increased by 28%

In 2018, IT professionals became the most sought after workers. The demand has increased by almost a third, at 28%. This trend reflects the increasing demand for cybersecurity measures- the spend on which is forecast to increase by $10bn this year alone. More generally, business and tech are becoming more integrated than ever, and so […]

What makes a successful IT consultant?

A successful IT consultant has numerous varying responsibilities which require a blend of hard and soft skills. The nature of the role means it is often difficult to find someone who fits the criteria entirely. It also means that many IT employees in other positions might be suited to the job, but haven’t recognised that […]

What should you look for in a software developer?

Before you hire a new software developer, you need to identify what you should look for in applicants. Making the right hiring decision for any role is incredibly important to any business, but hiring a suitable software developer can be more challenging. This is because the IT and software industry is anything but stagnant. We […]

What makes a good IT infrastructure professional?

Have you considered what makes a good IT infrastructure professional? As one of the lesser recognised IT roles, you may have overlooked the importance of this position. However, businesses are increasingly becoming more tech-reliant, and the integration of the two is now seen as more imperative than optional. This is only going to become more […]

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