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Skills Shortage Crippling IT Industry

The IT industry may be booming across Lancashire, but a major skill shortage is causing headaches for the county’s business community. Growing demand within the technology sector is leaving many employers struggling to fill vacancies, with Brexit set to exacerbate the problem. However, here at GK Recruitment, we believe that firms could find a positive […]

All FOUR one, and one…

GK Recruitment has four-ged a winning partnership with one of Lancashire’s leading IT companies. Fast-expanding Holker IT used our specialist services to source a new technician for their revered helpdesk … and ended up recruiting an additional FOUR in the space of two months! “Finding GK Recruitment has been a godsend,” said Jan Cook, operations […]

How to attract top talent while you grow an IT company

Contents| Grow an IT company Introduction Context:  -The foundations -Solving problems for clients -Hiring the right team -Your ‘why’ Building an effective team:  -Skills -Collaboration vs competition -Study: Collaboration at Google -Hierarchy -Attitude -How to set yourself apart -EVP A practical guide and to-do list:  -Identifying your culture and values -Identifying missing skills -Delivering for […]

A practical guide to successfully growing an IT company in Lancashire

The rapid expansion of the UK tech industry means that growing an IT company in Lancashire is easier than ever before. The North West has benefitted from usually London-based firms moving there for more affordable business and living costs. The talent is following, but for the time being the market is very much candidate-driven, so […]

How IT businesses in Lancashire can build an effective team

The number and calibre of IT businesses in Lancashire are increasing, making it more challenging for each to build an effective team with the available talent. If you’re going to access top talent, you need to stand out from your competitors as a desirable company to work for. Consider the following points of this article […]

The foundations of growing an IT business in Lancashire

When you are growing an IT business in Lancashire, there are a few things you need to take into account. Luckily for you, the tech sector in the North West is rapidly growing. Unfortunately for IT businesses, the market is currently candidate-driven, meaning it can be difficult to find the right talent. This article will […]

The need to move quickly in a candidate-driven market

Operating in a candidate-driven market can be tough for businesses, especially if you have limited recruitment resources. Since the 2008 recession, employment numbers have recovered to a healthy level, and 86% of recruiters agree that they’re working in a candidate-driven market. This is especially relevant for IT businesses in the UK; the tech sector has […]

Two bad habits to look out for with salespeople and how a specialist sales recruitment agency can help

Salespeople are one of the most integral parts of most businesses; a specialist sales recruitment agency will already know what makes exceptional salespeople. If you don’t know, you can read the top 7 attributes to look out for in top IT salespeople here. However, there are also bad habits you need to look out for […]

Recruiting IT sales staff in Lancashire- how to stand out from the crowd and attract the best

The tech sector in the UK is booming, with investment in scale-up firms increasing by 61% in 2018 and a 28% increase in IT professionals, and these roles aren’t exclusively reserved for the capital. The North West has seen significant growth in IT, which is good news if you’re recruiting IT sales staff in Lancashire. […]

3 things to think about when training new IT sales hires

If you’re responsible for the training your new IT sales hires receive; you will be likely to have high hopes for them and want to give them the best training possible so they can reach their potential. However effectively training new IT sales hires can be a challenge, working in IT sales can be fast-paced, […]

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