Why should you use an IT recruitment agency?


Finding the perfect IT candidate can be a tricky job- 72.8% of all employers struggle to find relevant candidates. There are so many factors needing consideration when you advertise for a new role, including making sure you’re specific enough in the brief to attract people with the right set of skills and attitude. Using an IT recruitment agency can remove the stress of finding an ideal match, so you can relax in the assurance that your latest recruit is compatible with the position.

Access more talent.

IT recruitment agencies already have extensive market knowledge to find the best match who has the right set of skills. 86% of candidates whose skills are best qualified are not actively seeking a new job. This means much of the job talent are passive job seekers. An IT recruitment agency will have access to many of these potential candidates. Using an agency gives you access to a pool of talent, from IT sales to software developers, who you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to contact.

Using their list of contacts, recruiters can also identify the candidates who fit in with the work culture, so the people they put forward are hand-selected as individuals who will thrive in your work environment. The combination of in-depth market knowledge and contacts ensures the best possible candidates get put forward and you save money in the process.

Repurpose your time.

One of the most obvious benefits of using an IT recruitment agency is how much time you save. In-house recruiting is a time-consuming process, from writing the job description to advertising to going through all the CVs and selecting a list of candidates and so on.

An IT recruitment agency will manage the recruitment process from start to finish, so it doesn’t take up your own precious time. IT recruiters will spend a significant amount of time spent looking over potential candidate profiles and CVs to whittle down the cream of the crop. This allows you to repurpose your time if you choose to outsource the stress of recruitment to a dedicated team of IT recruitment specialists.

Better retention.

Recruiters have the expertise in place to know whether a candidate is likely to fit in well with the culture. A study into why people leave their jobs found that 75% of those leaving could have been prevented. 93% of employees are willing to quit their job during the probation period if it doesn’t match their expectations.
Ensuring you hire employees’ who match well with the company ethos and those already working there is going to increase employee wellbeing and therefore retention. For example, 94% of the candidates we have placed stay on for at least two years, reflecting the approach we take to matching the right person, not only the right skills.

Draw on your recruiter’s expertise.

Do you really know how to make a good hiring choice for the IT department? If the role you’re advertising is for a role which requires a specific technical skillset, and you lack IT knowledge, it’s going to be a challenge to determine who has the suitable niche skills and expertise appropriate for the job. An IT recruitment agency already has the in-depth technical knowledge base of understanding the requirements of the role and a list of people who fulfil or even exceed the required criteria.


Overall, there many benefits of using an IT recruitment agency, from taking away the pressures of time to selecting candidates that not only have the right skills but will fit and grow within your business, giving you a fantastic ROI. If you want to remove the stress of recruiting, we are here to help.

At GK recruitment, we have over 20 years of IT recruitment experience. If you need help in recruiting a new IT employee, we can help you find your perfect match. Contact us on 01257 429 499 or email us at info@gkrecruitment.com.

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