Client Teledata | Location Manchester, Lancashire

One thing that certainly makes GK Recruitment stand out from the recruitment crowd is its ethos.
It’s not a case of simply filling roles for Gary Keay and his team; it’s about the candidate and
getting the candidate the very best fit in their role and chosen career.


All too often recruiters can be heard saying ‘on paper, they are
the perfect candidate’ – but have they really got to know and
understand that candidate enough to ensure their personality
and the culture fit they want from a future employer is
actually suited?


It was this USP that jobhunter, Seb Graham, recognised in
Gary Keay from GK Recruitment and what prompted him to
make contact having watched Gary’s content on social media
platforms when it came to finding his next employer.

Seb said: “In my last role I was responsible for recruitment,
selecting the agencies we used, vetting CVs and interviewing
so I know all too well why some agencies get a bad name for
themselves and I can understand Teledata’s views on using
them! It was refreshing to see and hear how Gary’s approach
to recruitment was a far cry from some of the horror stories I
have seen.

“GK Recruitment was altogether different; they wanted to
get to know me, my aspirations, my skillset and the type
of culture and working environment I wanted for my next
role. They certainly didn’t hit send with my CV attached to
every man and his dog – it is a very strategic, thoughtful and
tactical approach and for me this paid dividends in securing
an introduction to my new employer within just 7 minutes of
Gary being in contact with them!”


Having got under the skin of Seb’s experience with his
personable approach, GK Recruitment’s outreach to selected
companies and introducing Seb based on his background
achievements, skills and aspirations led to Matt Edgley,
Director at Teledata, one of the UK’s leading data centre firms
making immediate contact. Having admired Seb’s background
and strong technical IT credentials combined with his more
recent commercial career success, Matt actually created a role
which was offered within 1 week of introduction.

Anna Nicholls, Head of Marketing at Teledata said:

“Matt has always been averse to using agencies but something about Gary’s approach and ability to
perfectly match candidates with employers struck a chord and Seb has already proven that this instinct to trust GK Recruitment was the right one.”

“What we do here at Teledata is niche and we are growing at pace; so much so that we are about to open our fourth data centre so we really needed the fit to be right from the outset. We are a Tier 3 data centre that operates with stringent, robust standards and it was critical that the position was filled with the right candidate.”

“Thankfully, Gary and his team at GK Recruitment didn’t let us down; in fact we were so impressed we even created a Commercial Development Manager role that allows Seb to utilise his full technical knowledge and expertise as well as his business and sales acumen.”

“Teledata provides premium colocation, cloud hosting and data centre services to businesses across the UK. Delivering the highest levels of service and support, they put people at the heart of their technology, building secure, resilient solutions that are designed to help optimise business performance and help facilitate growth.”

Gary Keay added:

“Working with Teledata and to be able to place the perfect candidate with them is going to allow Matt to pursue his ambitious growth plans for the business. Our consultative approach and partnership to fully understand the customer brief has once again served us well and we wish Seb all the very best in his new role and future career with such a forward thinking company.”

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